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TRANSCARPATHIA is the westernmost region in Ukraine, bordering with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Due to its geographical location it is populated by a number of ethnic groups and therefore a melting pot for different cultures and languages. Until today most of those ethnic groups have preserved their traditions and culture, jointly making Transcarpathia a unique place. 

Also unique is the wild nature which was able to sustain in Transcarpathia. Separated from the rest of the country by the Carpathian Mountains, Transcarpathia was always last to be hit by changes and slowest to transform. The underdeveloped infrastructure in the region is a burden for both locals and visitors, but a stroke of luck for nature: Transcarpathia is the only region in Europe where the original landscape is still maintained on a large scale. Here, the last virgin beech forests impress with their beauty and diversity of species. Some of the rarest middle European species can be found here.

While Transcarpathia is a well-known touristic location for Ukrainians, it is more or less unknown to international tourism. This makes it a fascinating and authentic place, giving visitors the chance to experience not only wild and genuine nature, but to gain an insight into Transcarpathian life and tradition. And of course, to get a taste of the incomparable hospitality of Transcarpathian people.

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